* Using the energy-saving ultra-bright LED backlight, LCD screen brightness can be up to 2500nits
* Wide working temperature range: from minus -20°C  to +60°C
* No condensation on the screen surface under low temperature and humid environments
* Automatic light sensor control. Automatically adjusting brightness according to ambient luminance
* Bright color display, up to 1920 x1080 resolution
* Patented high brightness LED backlight heat dissipation structure
* Energy-saving heat dissipation system

Sunlight Readable LCD

Sunlight readable LCD kit that include the sunlight readable LCD or Transflective LCD panel,A/D board,LED back lighting board,wires. which can be clearly readable under sunlight. With our patented super high brightness LCD / LED back light cooling system module in the monitor, the heat dissipation problem faced by super high brightness LED back light is basically solved.

Outdoor TV / Display

SUNLCD Outdoor TV, Weatherproof TV and made in the CHINA. Safe from rain, snow, heat, and more! Buy straight from the manufacturer and get the best TV for the best value.Outdoor lcd Tv & display for your Lifestyle. SUNLCD is the only time-tested TVs in the world designed and built for outdoor enviroment all-weather outdoor LCD TVs.

Ultra wide stretched LCD

SUNLCD offer Ultra wide stretched LCD Panels & Monitors, the ultra wide LCD display (16:3) from 12" to 65" for indoor/outdoor application. Ultra Wide LCD, Bar LCD, Stretched LCD, Special Size LCD monitor and display,sunlight readable display,Sunlight Readable Monitor,  Sun Readable LCD, Daylight Display,typically feature 1,000~2500nits brightness.